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Discover a fast way for real estate buy-fix-sell investors to get  private money loans for distressed property purchases. Apply online now to a hard money lender for a pre-approval today!

Looking for a steady source of hard money lenders to finance your rehab project repairs?   Need cash for a down payment on another property? Get  a same day pre-approval today!


Hard Money Lenders for Buy-Fix-Sell Projects

Private Money Hard Money Loan  specializes in funding either your rehab property purchases or your rehabilitation and repair work after you purchase the property. 

Establish long-lasting relationships with local lenders for a constant stream of funds for your real estate deals. Build a relationship with hard money lenders today and never WORRY about financing your acquisitions, repairs and improvements again!

Connect with your local California hard money lenders anytime, anywhere for a fast, steady, reliable source of hard money for non-owner occupied residential buy-fix-sell projects.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate house rehabber,  or a mortgage professional looking to help finance your investor rehab client's loan, we will find you local hard money lenders fast.


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